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vegas. at this point, no more information is being released on the status of the grounded plane. ntsb investigators are searching -- are questioning eyelets on the asiana flight that crashed in san francisco. >> donna, investigators are searching -- are questioning the pilots and control of the lane. the dumb's family -- victims' families want to know what happened. he landed in san francisco against the wreckage of one of the fleet. earlier, the airline president issued apologies to the parents of the two girls killed in last week's crash. the girls who died were part of a middle school trip. these survivors are being united with their children. ntsb investigators are interviewing cabin crew about the chaos that followed the crash landing. >> as soon as i heard emergency escape, i inducted the evacuation. >> there are two interviews with information from the cockpit data recorder. >> the pilots are providing great information in terms of what was going on. isthe pilot at the controls being debriefed today. the question of failure to communicate based on deference to seniority may pla
hill. others are unaccounted for. >> and covering the nation now, where the ntsb is investigating a deadly plane crash at a small airport in alaska. a type of air taxi crashed on sunday, located about 75 miles west of anchorage. all of the passengers and the pilot were killed, and that single engine plane was operated by a local company, and there is no word yet on what might have caused the plane to go down. >> still ahead tonight, the push to move cybersecurity up. dutch. hear from >> can we be doing more to save some money? >> plus, rebounding from the power of education. a high-school diploma more than 25 years in the making. >> the upper eastern shore. we will see what parts have to deal with thunder. right now, some sunshine over the inner harbor, where the [ female announcer ] at your local subway, summer flavors are served up fresh. like the delicious taste of the orchard chicken salad. you loved it, so we brought it back as a five dollar footlong, and now as a five dollar chopped salad too! diced white-meat chicken with sweet apples and tart cranberries. get it as a tasty
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2